Growing on Pre-Fertilized potting mixes

Growing on peat is easy and ideal for inexperienced growers. the CANNA TERRA line of nutrients and substrates provides high value mineral nutrients for healthy plants and great yields, indoor and outdoor.

  • User friendly, also for inexperienced growers
  • For growing indoor and outdoor
  • Good for potting mix enrichment
  • Pre-fertilised with high grade potting mix fertilisers

Growing on coco coir

Growing on coco coir is a great way to grow your plants. The unique structure provides an ideal environment for healthy root development and is great for the inexperienced as well as the advanced grower.

  • Unique buffering quality
  • Specifically tailored natural fertiliser
  • Open structure stimulates root development
  • CANNA COCO substrate is free of harmful viruses and soil diseases

Growing in a recirculating system

The CANNA AQUA range is developed for growing on water in a recirculating hydroponic system (nft, earoponics). the roots of the plants are in direct contact with the nutrients and the drainage water is reused.

  • Precise nutrient control
  • User friendly, no need to adjust the pH after the initial pH setting
  • Directly absorbable compounds
  • Water saving, so environmental friendly

Growing in a run-to-waste system

The run-to-waste system is another method for growing on water. The drainage water does not return to the nutrient tank, but drains away.

  • Grow with precision
  • No damaging ballast substances
  • Directly absorbable compounds
  • Thoroughly tested
  • Comes in a version for hard water and soft water

Growing 100% organic

The BIOCANNA nutrients are composed of 100% plant based elements. the components are monitored from the selection to the production process to ensure a high vegan quality and meet the highest international organic standards.

  • Composed of 100% natural ingredients
  • No material of animal origin, suitable for a vegan lifestyle
  • Harvest grown with the complete BIOCANNA product line may be called EKO
  • 100% Vegan